Irrigation Services in Cutler Bay, Florida

In Cutler Bay, Florida Greenstar Irrigation service is the company to call whenever you are in need of a quality, full service irrigation system specialist.

Greenstar Irrigation is licensed to provide irrigation repair and service for emergency as well as regular maintenance needs. There may be many reasons that irrigation systems become damaged or fail and it is well known that Cutler Bay is notorious for having faulty systems that will break down. That's when it is time to give Greenstar a call. Whether damage comes from age, or faulty installation, or even the harsh sun, Greenstar is prepared to deal with reconstruction and repair to get your system up and running properly.

Since we pride ourselves on our commitment to excellent customer service, we offer a maintenance agreement where we will maintain your system with regular inspections and repair for a low annual cost of $125.00. If you're not sure your system is working properly, but can't pinpoint the problem, let Geenstar provide a low cost $49.95 seven point inspection.

Greenstar uses the latest technology and keeps up to date on Cutler Bay's rules and regulations. Greenstar is prepared to help with any irrigation needs, from installation to major repairs as well as regular routine maintenance. The best time to call us is when a problem with the irrigation system is first suspected. Watch for patchy brown spots in the lawn, or a loss of pressure. When you get your water bill check to make certain that there hasn't been a large increase. If you notice that your timers are not working properly or suspect a problem with your pump, then it is time to get Greenstar on the phone.

Irrigation Inspection Services

By doing a comprehensive inspection of your system we can determine the best way to repair and service your system that takes full advantage of the rules that Cutler Bay has established. By setting the timers to take the maximum advantage of the watering schedule provided and allowing your lawn to absorb the water by using the optimal time settings on the two days that watering is allowed by your address number, you can maintain a green lush lawn and keep your landscaping healthy and alive.

You may find it necessary to move or reroute your system for the addition of a patio or a pool. Greenstar will determine and implement the perfect irrigation plan for your needs. Greenstar will also make sure the sprinkler heads are in good repair by replacing any damaged or broken heads and keep the irrigation pump in excellent working condition through regular inspection and repair.

Cutler Bay Watering Rules

The Miami-Dade county codes can change abruptly, so Greenstar Irrigation keeps informed and aware of all codes and restrictions, as well as any changes to watering rules and regulations. With water restrictions between 10AM and 4PM it is vital that customers keep their timers running properly to allow for the best use of Cutler Bay's limited water resources. By using water efficiently, whether it is through sprinkler systems or drip irrigation systems and by using superior design technology, Greenstar keeps water bills low and lawns lush and green.

Celebrating 35+ Years of Service in South Florida

What Our Clients Are Saying ...

"Very professional crew. Very satisfied with the work done."

"Peter saved us having a major pump failure. His team followed up Monday, moving irrigation lines, install 100% all new heads of all times and heights and balancing the system. I could not be more pleased with how diligent, professional and detail oriented the team was. I'm now confident my system is properly watering per the needs of each type of landscaping. I also signed up for the Gold Maintenance package to have them check the system every quarter. I would HIGHLY suggest you work with him "

"Peter gave our system a complete review and pointed out where we were losing water, where we had overspray, where the lines had sunk too low and were not reaching as far as they should be, etc . The repair work was professionally and neatly done, on-time, as scheduled."

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